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Risk Management at Ron’s Staffing

Ron’s Staffing Services is committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment for all employees. We subscribe to OSHA newsletters to help stay updated with changing laws, comply with federal or state requirements, and establish a joint occupational safety relationship with all clients as OSHA requires.

According to the Temporary Worker Initiative, host employers will be most familiar with workplace hazards that temporary workers will encounter. In most cases, the host employer is responsible for providing job site-specific training. Staffing agencies supplying temporary workers also share responsibility for the safety of their workers and must take steps to ensure that host employers perform proper hazard assessments.

Safety Review

Ron’s Staffing Services establishes a joint safety relationship by enforcing client site inspections and:

  • Conducts site safety inspections and risk assessments before doing business with clients
  • Audits client’s safety programs and loss history to determine the level of risk to temporary workers
  • Performs general health and safety orientation for all employees
  • Creates informational client forms where the responsibilities of Ron’s Staffing and the host employer are described
  • Has physical job descriptions for associated job tasks of temporary workers
  • Runs client OSHA establishment searches to evaluate past or existing hazards

Employee Training

Training and orientation are provided to employees to alert employees of potential job site hazards and are accomplished by:

  • Providing orientation to all temporary employees
  • Discussing job site task requirements with all employees before being sent to work
  • Training recruiters on policies and procedures related to the Safety Department
  • Performing skill assessments for job positions with a higher level of risk 

Accident Reporting

The Accident Reporting Policy is established to provide proper treatment to employees when needed and comply with any OSHA recordkeeping requirements. Work-related injury reporting is also enforced to secure the safety of employees and:

  • Assure appropriate steps are taken for the injured party
  • Compliance with state Workers’ Compensation obligations
  • Completion of the First Report of Injury and investigation of work-related accidents
  • Proper claims reporting to the corresponding insurance carrier
  • Effective claim processing and handling of all claims

Ron’s Staffing Safety Department

Ron’s Staffing has a full-time risk team comprised of an occupational safety and health director, a Workers’ Compensation administrator, and regional safety coordinators. The main objective of the Safety Department is to prevent workplace injuries, implement recommended practices, and enforce:

  • Job site safety inspections before servicing clients
  • Creation of safety programs or client information forms
  • Training associated with the Safety Department
  • Compliance with federal or state requirements relating to safety or Workers’ Compensation for Ron’s Staffing

Occupational Safety & Health Resources

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General Industry Safety
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