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At Ron’s Staffing, we provide a responsive, personalized, and professional service. We strive to seek out the most talented, qualified individuals to meet our clients’ needs. Our long-term goal is to make every attempt in benefiting all parties involved: the customer, associates, and also our applicant. While meeting these standards may be more difficult, it ultimately ensures satisfied and productive employees, as well as greater efficiency for our clients.

Companies use temporary help for sudden productivity increases and to help themselves balance out their personnel needs during fluctuating business cycles. Companies also use temporary agencies to help eliminate unemployment and Workers’ Compensation claims, to eliminate Federal and State Payroll taxes as well as year-end W-2s. Temporary agencies also greatly reduce time consumption in the normal employment recruiting process.

We recruit our employees in the same manner most companies recruit their full time personnel. We then ensure the dependability and consistency of our workforce by carefully screening our labor pool, and providing our clients with the workers that will best fit their productivity needs. It’s this process that results in our superior performance that customers have come to expect from us.

Depending on the number of workers and the location of the worksite, we provide transportation with our buses and vans. Also, workers can drive their own cars or take public transportation. All transportation charges are included in the hourly rate.

Our offices are open from 5 am – 9 pm, Monday through Friday with reduced hours on Saturday and Sunday. An answering machine is available to leave a message when we are closed. In addition, your account representative has a cell phone.

We provide workers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Orders can be given anytime during business hours the day before for the following day’s needs. Late orders can be made during the evening and early morning. We make every effort to fill these late orders, but may not have qualified workers to fill a late order.

Every account has an Account Manager who personally looks after the account. They can be contacted by calling the office or through their cell phone. They are available to handle any problem and can be contacted at any time.

The minimum charge is 4 hours for any worker who was ordered, but sent back because of no fault of the worker or Ron’s Staffing.

When a worker does not perform and is returned, there is no charge if this is done within the first few hours of the shift. If another worker is available, we will make every effort to get the replacement worker to the job site. It is the client’s duty to timely inform Ron’s that a worker is being sent back, and whether a replacement is needed.

All accidents or injuries are to be reported immediately to Ron’s. Depending on the degree of the injury, the account will be instructed on how to proceed. Of course, on any serious injury, the worker should be cared for first using that company’s standard injury procedures.

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